Corporate Governance Documents

Havertys’ business is managed under the direction and oversight of the Board of Directors. The Board appoints Havertys’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and its senior management team who are responsible for the day-to-day conduct of Havertys’ business. Thereafter, the Board’s primary responsibilities are to oversee management and to exercise its business judgement to act in good faith and in what each Director reasonably believes to be in the best interests of Havertys. Both the Board of Directors and management believe that the long-term interests of shareholders are advanced by responsibly addressing the concerns of other stakeholders; including customers, vendors, employees, and members of communities in which the Company operates. Havertys has developed, and operates under, corporate governance principles and practices that are designed to maximize long-term shareholder value and promote the highest ethical conduct among Havertys’ directors and employees.

Governance Documents

Bylaws Download
Charter Download
Corporate Governance Guidelines Download
Code of Conduct Download
Related Party Transaction Policy Download
Director Communications Policy Download
Director Stock Ownership Guidelines Download
Executive Compensation Recovery Policy Download
Conflict Minerals Policy Download
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Committee Charters

Audit Committee Charter Download
Nominating, Compensation, and Governance Committee Charter Download
Executive Committee Charter Download